thinking of your physical presence leaves me wet– hands roaming my body, your touch and kisses leave me quivering and breathless.

Moaning as you devour my pussy, bucking against your mouth, my hand pumps the cock that is rock hard for me. Lost in the pleasure of us together, panting with need and longing hunger. Oh God, baby. PLEASE!

Slam into my primed hole, wide open yet tight for you. Fuck  your slutty wanton bitch. I.can’t.think, except to scream your name and take what you give. Don’t stop. Don’t fucking stop fucking! Volcanic cumming rocks us both. PLEASE!

No pretty photos or flowery words tonight… I’m horny and needing you bad. Sending deep kisses and cheap feels as I cum for you just before sleep later. 💜



Need leaves me blind to feel your pulsing rawness. To please you.


Fuck me hard. Breathless gift. Satisfaction.

Baby, I need you. Bad.

Sensual Awakening?

“Oooh, baby…”Drowsy, yet always open to you and wet, the early-morning haze was delicious. There you were, lifting my hips to welcome your hungry cock. Kisses serenade my mouth, hands play my body symphonically as you move. Back arches as you drive deeper, sleepy moans of desire tickle your ears as I clutch you closer, our bodies in lustful sync. Quaked flesh, sopped sheets and tangled limbs quiet as my eyes open… Realizing a morning’s dream of you, I hunger.


Do you know the power you hold over me? Your voice last night– lusty for… me? Hard all afternoon, cum for me, baby!! Primal need, love erupting for me, I felt every single drop, smeared across my arching, aching body reaching for you.

Whorish devotion to your passion captured me today. A throbbing mass of obedient flesh, squeezing thighs to quench fiery cunt, erect nipples craving your savage bite. A movie to distract– but no, it’s kinky and sadistic, only heightening my slutty want of you.

Show me who has true power and dominance– rip my clothes, pull my hair, pound my pussy with your thick cock, TAKE my body and the love I so willingly give. Hear the echoes of me moaning your name long after the shudders of my body subside, long beyond the now of today. Remember my eyes glazed over, the electricity of your touch sending me beyond myself, claimed by your power and rocked to my core.
Know your power, baby. Feel it and own it. I am yours.

A Drink of You (with apologies to Joni Mitchell)

Drinking in the sight of you… at the airport, feeling your arms close around me. The touch of your skin, finally setting mine afire. 

We’ll have to hold one another up, knowing the excitement of your physical presence will leave me a quivering mess.

Your lips… finally tasting mine after seemingly endless longing. If others stare, will you be uncomfortable? I won’t. A kiss to confirm us.

Drinking in the normalcy of a day together, catching up on each other’s day with a chuckle or scowl. Cooking for you and sharing food together… a game, urging our boys on– cuddled, silly and happy.

Huskiness as you speak betrays your mood as you reach for me. There’s passion in your eyes as our tongues dance and clothes fall away.

Your touch beckons a wet hungry whore, yearning to satisfy and be filled with your hot cum. Take what is yours, my body a temple for your love. Tenderness has its time, but please not now. Screw me hard, pummel your bitch, enjoy my complete surrender. Please, baby, please. I moan your name as we orgasm together, your cum a mark of our love. Sated, we sleep, until I feel you rock hard again, for me. I will never deny you!

While we wait, remember:

Apple for Teacher?

As a submissive in all things, it’s contrary to my spirit to be assertive. I’m far more comfortable serving others and being led. You teased that I should be your teacher, and although others have long said that I might be a natural, it’s an assignment I don’t feel worthy of. We have much to learn and teach each other. So long as we can switch off whenever the urge strikes, I’m in.

The yearnings we share are deep, some so mundane that others would scoff. Time together to just be us, intwining fingers as we listen to music, laughing at silly antics from childhood or college, everyday stuff that transforms to memories over time that illicit a silly grin. Those simple touches will always ignite a consuming spark that arcs betweeen us– distance holds no power over raw electricity.

Homework for tonight is vocabulary. With each word I give you, embrace it, visualize me facing you nude and open to your definition. Know that I’m there to enact each fantasy your body divines, moaning and lost in the arousal you create. Tonight’s words are: twist, pummel, strength and lollipop. Betcha smiled!

Teacher’s turn to offer the apple tonight.

From the inside out…

I wonder if you were left scratching your head a few weeks back, after an almost-cliched confession of sexual abuse by me. Sure, we’ve always promised each other honesty, but were my revelations too honest? I really hadn’t given you a heads-up about it, prefering just to spurt out decades-out details and vulnerabilities. Fuck it, let the chips fall where they may. Seemingly, there wasn’t a context then, but it’s slowly becoming unveiled as I grow to trust you, and us, more.

Telling you that I willingly give all of myself to you is a celebration of sorts, because I have reclaimed the power to do that, a little more each day. The toxicity that once ate at healthy sexuality has been extinguished over time; authenticity is OK at long last because the demons are dead. It’s astonishing to want and need you, to surrender– you’ve got me, and I you. As the evening winds down, I hold you virtually close, kiss you deeply and open my body to your love. Sweet dreams, baby!

Deeper and Darker

Will you push 

Your horny bitch

Against the wall

Growl your want in her ear

Mount her hungry hand upon 

Your Rock?

Twist her hair as

You feast upon

Aching nipples

Heaving breasts

Quivering lips?

Stroking and pulsing

Torn silk falling

Feverish rhythm

Plundering whorish cunt

Volcanic eruptions

Gift her body and

His love

The Whole Package…

Those precious words you speak to me, about me, were once disquieting. Not because of anything you’ve done, but I’ve heard them a few times before and they were used like a hammer to pulverize my soul later. Actions betrayed loving words, so to say that I’ve accepted your words as cautiously as a skittish kitten reacts to a stranger’s stroke is true. Passion flows and we both love hard. Chemistry, attraction and physical craving are instinctual, but so are pleasing my love with time together doing absolutely nothing but enjoying the other’s company; offering your favorite meal; quaffing a newly discovered microbrew; cheering or berating our favorite boys of summer and celebrating a new job. I know that I could share my adopted Florida hometown with you. Everything there that brings me joy– friends, new restaurants, the waterfront, the blues joint, and bars and brewpubs would keep us laughing and happy. I’ve done it before solo, but the pride I’d feel on your arm, by your side swells my heart. 

Babe, YOU are my total package!